Revised March 2020

Generic uniform items can be found in schoolwear                                                                                 

CLASSROOM                                                                       PE
Bottle v-neck sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper                Black sports shorts
White shirt with collar                                                      Team colour t-shirt (red, blue, green or yellow)
School tie (available from school)
Dark grey trousers
                                                            PE Bag
Dark grey skirt or pinafore dress                                  PE (OUTDOOR)
Green, white or black headband or hair ties                 Black jog trousers (plain)
Sensible black shoes                                                        Black hooded sweatshirt or zipped hoodie (plain)                                  
Book Bag                                                                             
Girls one piece swimsuit
                                                                                                Boys swim trunks (not shorts)
                                                                                                Swim cap                                                                                                                                                 

Remember to label each item of uniform.  Name labels available online and in-store

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