"Students are expected to be clean and tidy at all times and to wear the correct school uniform."

Generic uniform items can be found in schoolwear  

BOYS                                                                                            GIRLS
Boys navy blazer with school logo                                          Girls navy blazer with school logo
White long or short sleeve collared shirt                               White long or short sleeve collared shirt

Clip-on school tie                                                                       Clip-on school tie
Grey v-neck long sleeve jumper (optional)                                  Grey v-neck long-sleeve jumper (optional) 
Grey traditional schoolwear trousers                                     Grey schoolwear knee length skirt (pleated or A-line)

                                                                                                       Grey schoolwear trousers (not hipsters)
Black or grey socks
                                                                    Black opaque tights, grey or black socks

Black shoes                                                                                 Black shoes 
BOYS PE                                                                                      GIRLS PE
Navy-white rugby shirt with school logo                                White polo shirt with school logo
Navy sports shorts                                                                     Navy sports shorts
White football socks
                                                                 White football socks

Training shoes or football boots                                             Training shoes or football boots (optional)
Gum shield                            
Remember to label each item of uniform.  Name labels available online and in-store

Holy Trinity Senior